SPAM Musubi (Rice Ball)


Not everyone is a fan of SPAM, but not everyone is a fan of ice cream either!

I’ll add a lot of pictures for this one so it will make more sense.


Vital Tool: 

SPAM Musubi Mold (I learned the hard way! The mold makes it sooooo easy. Thanks T.A.!)

Ingredients: Serves many

Sorry, failed to measure BUT, you’ll get the picture!)

Around 5 cups of STICKY rice (white rice or brown rice, STICKY type is KEY/A MUST)

Water to cook the rice with (see rice cooking instructions)

Vegetable oil for frying

1/2 can of SPAM LITE sliced (thickness is totally up to your preference)

5 Sheets of seaweed (kind they use for sushi)

Around 3 Tbs Soy sauce (I use low sodium since SPAM has enough sodium)

Around 3 Tbs Sugar

*soy and sugar ratio depends on if you like it more salty, or more sweet



Rice – I usually use a rice cooker but, it’s completely doable in a pot with a lid.

*Found this post by JAZZYBEL and it really works. (Tweaked it a tad)

1. Place hand perpendicular to the rice in the pot – the tip of your index finger should lightly touch the rice.
2. Fill the water until it reaches the first segment (first bend) of your index finger.

3. Heat the rice on medium heat until it boils, then place the lid on the pot and turn it down to a simmer.

4. When the steam from the pot flows straight up (versus flowing all over the place, rice should be done – about 10-15 minutes)

Mix sugar and soy sauce in a small bowl and set aside

Heat oil in pan

Fry up the slices of SPAM in batches (couple minutes on each side)

Add some of the sugar soy mixture to coat the SPAM in the pan (Haha, SPAM in the PAN)

Flip it over and coat the other side (keep an eye on the fire so it doesn’t burn the sauce)

Set the cooked SPAM aside on a plate

Set a sheet of seaweed on a cutting board, place the mold on top of it length wise

Add a layer of rice in the mold (about 1/3rd of the mold) and press down

Add 2 pieces of SPAM

Add another layer of rice and press down

Push the top through all the way so the fancy 3 layer musubi is exposed

Bring up the sides of the seaweed to close it up (like a burrito)

Cut the edges off to clean it

Cut it in half for a big SPAM musubi, or cut it in smaller sizes for an appetizer

Wrap each one with saran wrap if you’re not eating it immediately (prevents the rice from drying out)


Take it with you to a picnic on the beach or something!


4 thoughts on “SPAM Musubi (Rice Ball)”

    1. Hi Rich! I got mine from Marukai market which is a Japanese Hawaiian market in Los Angeles, CA. It’s popular amongst the Japanese so hit up the kitchen section of a Japanese market & you should be able to find one. 🙂 They have it on Amazon too. Have fun!

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